Qatar Has Denied Intercepting A UAE Commercial Flight This Morning

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This morning, Wam, the UAE state news agency announced a UAE commercial flight was intercepted by Qatari fighter jets.

The interception was described as 'a flagrant and serious threat to the safety of civil aviation and a clear violation of international laws and conventions' according to The UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation, GCAA.

In the latest update, the Qatari authorities have denied the event. A detailed statement will follow...

A tweet from the director of Qatar's Government Communications Office

The UAE had dismissed earlier allegations of violating air space agreements this week

It reads: 

"The Qatari complaint about the UAE’s violation of its airspace is incorrect, and we are working on the official response with evidence. What we see is incorrect and unjustified. What was happening under the table is now revealed."

The UAE General Authority of Civil Aviation confirmed the news today

According to the report on, the GCAA received a message from a UAE national carrier that was travelling on an internationally recognised flight path this morning. 

The GCAA stated that the UAE rejects this threat to the safety of air traffic and "will take all the necessary legal measures to ensure the safety and security of civil aviation." 

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