Saudi Discussions With Qatar Over The Gulf Fall Out Resulted In Saudi Suspending Any Further Dialogue

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A phone call between Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince, HH Mohammed bin Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud and the Emir of Qatar was thought to be making a break-through on the Gulf fall-out but to no avail. 

The call, which happened on Friday, resulted in Saudi Arabia suspending any further dialogue with Qatar, and accusing it of "distorting facts”. 

The Qatari news agency reported that Prince Mohammed called the Emir of Qatar and proposed a settling of the dispute in a way that did not affect the sovereignty of the states, however Saudi subsequently made a statement that the Qatari news report did not adequately reflect the facts.

Saudi Arabia made a statement that until Qatar makes a public statement on its political position, and commits to it, Saudi will not open dialogue with the state.