The UAE Has Categorically Denied The Qatar Allegations Filed At The United Nations

Anwar Gargash Qatar Statement

The UAE's state minister for foreign affairs, Dr Anwar Gargash has outright denied the Qatari claims that the UAE violated airspace, via his Twitter account. 

Qatar reportedly filed a complaint to the United Nations Security Council, alleging that a UAE jet had breached its airspace in December. 

The UAE has dismissed the allegations, with Dr Anwar Gargash making a statement via his Twitter account, in Arabic which says the violation is incorrect, and Qatar is confused. 

Dr Gargash made the statement on Friday via his Twitter

It reads: 

"The Qatari complaint about the UAE’s violation of its airspace is incorrect, and we are working on the official response with evidence. What we see is incorrect and unjustified. What was happening under the table is now revealed."

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