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QUIZ: How Well Do You Really Know Dubai?

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Who doesn’t love a good quiz? Especially one where you know all the answers and your friends don’t…MUHAHAHAHAHA.

Well this particular quiz is brought to you by McGettigan’s, who want you to know that there’s only ONE thing better than taking an internet quiz: Gathering a group of mates and doing one together!

Because right now there’s a brilliant table quiz happening at McGettigan’s every Tuesday night with some great prizes up for grabs. But until then, take our quiz to find out how well your reallllllllly know Dubai….

What do you need to know about the McGettigan’s quiz?

Most importantly, there are some big prizes up for grabs; think on the lines of brunches, waterpark tickets, free hops for a month…and more.

Secondly, and also pretty important; this quiz is FREE entry, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

The quiz starts every Tuesday at 8pm at the McGettigan’s JLT branch.

Now, all you’ve got to do is come up with a mega quiz team name…

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