12 Memes That Sum Up Exactly How You Feel During Ramadan

It's all in good humour


We've said it before and will say it again. Fasting isn't easy and it is truly amazing to see so many people exercise such control throughout the month of Ramadan. We're pretty sure there are several moments during the day when your eyes are on the clock - either to break your fast or catch the last bite before morning prayers - and these memes well sum up the emotions felt during that time. 

1. Yup, we all know that post-Iftar feeling

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Screen Shot 2016 06 14 At 17 46 32

3. Oh no! Take that away

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4. That's serious trouble

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5. When you begin to have trust issues

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6. Damn right

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7. Not a good feeling

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8. The next best thing to Vimto

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9. C'mon it's so hot, what else can one do?

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10. Insta addicts

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11. ROFL

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12. When you're waiting for the sun to go down

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