7 Foods You Can Get For Really Really Cheap During Ramadan In Dubai

Perhaps the best time to make your supermarket trips.

Ramadan Prices

A few months ago the Ministry of Economy announced a reduction (as massive as 50-70%) in food prices during Ramadan, which most likely starts on 6 June this year. The idea being to drop prices on items consumed in large quantities. If you’re fasting (or not) here are some of the things you could be filling up your shopping carts with this summer.

1. Rice

An Iftar without biryani? Not happening!

2. Sugar

Perfect when you need to sweeten anything and everything.

3. Milk powder

It works for tea, coffee and even desserts.

4. Cooking oil

Sometimes the best food is fried food!

5. Fruits

Your daily dose of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

6. Vegetables

The all-important ingredient for mains, salads and even soups.

7. Coffee

Just what you need to begin (and even get through) your day!

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