The 7 Stages Of Hanger You Feel During Ramadan

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"A lethal combination of hunger and anger, the result of waiting so long to eat that your blood sugar drops to dangerously low levels, impairing both your mood and your judgment."

Urban Dictionary; 2008

You know the feeling. You skipped breakfast, it's been too long since you last ate...or maybe you just passed the Cold Stone Creamery (without indulging) and your mood has somehow gone from cheery and pleasant to irritable, resentful and basically a full-on weapon in a matter of seconds.

This is normal hanger, a mood which only intensifies during Ramadan. Here are some common feelings of Hanger you may experience this month...

1. The grumpy stage

It's 11 am, (isn't everyone grumpy at 11am?) Suhoor is but a distant memory and the long day is stretching before you like a never-ending bad dream. Screw you smell-of-freshly-made coffee, I never liked you anyway. 


2. The irrational stage

Most frequently felt in a queue. The person ahead of you is s-l-o-wwwww-l-y going about their business. The cashier on duty is being equally slow (a snail would be impressed)...WHAT is taking so long?! Nothing takes this long! Five year old's could move at a faster pace than these two.

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3. The completely zoned out stage

You need to deal with something at work. It's 4pm and, despite your best efforts, you're working at half-speed. Is it hometime yet?

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4. The impatient stage

You've finished work (Ramadan hours are LIFE) but it's still two hours till sunset. You're restless. Sleep won't come so you've taken to staring at the clock...Are the hands actually moving that slowly? Have they even moved??? 

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5. The fiery stage

Traffic is crawling and it's blocking your way to Iftar. There's no obvious hold-up but every car in your way is the enemy. 

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6. The smug stage

You've made it. Boom. Pass the dates friend, it's time for some treats. 


7. And finally.................Relief


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