8 Apps You Absolutely Need To Have On Your Apple TV This Ramadan

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Ramadan has arrived and that means day time and night time tv is at an all time high. With work days ending that little bit earlier and emphasis being placed on family time, it's the ideal time to break out the Apple TV and download these awesome apps for a little bit of team-family bonding.

1. Netflix, obviously

House Of Cards, Daredevil, Orange Is The New Black. Enough said. You need all of these shows in your life.

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2. Asphalt 8 Airborne

This extremely fun car-racing game is ideal to bring out a little bit of friendly-family-competitiveness fun. Just try not to crash into too many things. 


3.Hit Tennis 3

Another fun game, perfect for all the fam. Show off your swing skills in this energetic game. Word of advise though – strap that Apple remote to your wrist. Last thing you want is to accidentally smash it against the wall post-serve.

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4. Touchpress

Ok, for the classical music lovers amongst us, this is your new best friend. You can listen to everything from Bach to Ludivico and what's better is that the score comes up on screen too so not only can you listen to the music, you can learn it too.


5. Airbnb

Whether your planning a weekend hideout  here in Dubai or a holiday abroad with mates, you'll be in your element with this useful app. 


6. Trip Advisor

Planning your next trip? Alongside Airbnb, TripAdvisor is an absolute NECESSITY when it comes to all things travel related. From hotel and restaurant reviews to suggestions on what to do where you're going you need to download this ASAP if you're heading off in the next while.

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7. Zova

Health and fitness is always a top priority and with this handy app you have no excuse for not exercising. With classes starting at only 15 minutes a session, time, or lack there of, isn't going to be a problem. Not only that but it also tells you how many calories each fitness class burns.



Never seen Springsteen live and always wanted to? Or better yet, Taylor Swift. Not to worry, with this app you can enjoy all the best concerts live from you couch and you don't even have to move. 


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