BLESSED IN DUBAI: The Ramadan Series That Shows Anything Is Possible Is Launching And You DON'T Want To Miss It

It's telling the heartwarming stories of the people of Dubai

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Blessed In Dubai is a web series launching in Ramadan, and it's showing that anything is possible in Dubai. 

The 10-part series tells the stories of some of the city's most inspiring, and exciting people. 

It's a series to show how people can overcome the odds in Dubai, and achieve their dreams. 

We asked people to tell their stories, and the city came out in full force

One will launch every three days, starting tomorrow. 

Inspiring stories of Dubai residents will be told, in their own words, and it's SO heartwarming. 

The rest will be distributed one, every three days - don't miss it!

These are the stories of success and celebration in Dubai and they're coming to a screen near you, on the first day of Ramadan. 

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