BLESSED IN DUBAI: The Highlights Of The Ramadan Series That Shows In Dubai Anything Is Possible

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The Ramadan series, Blessed in Dubai has come to a close, and told 10 inspirational stories of the people of Dubai.

It was an absolutely magical group of people, who came out to share their stories of why they love living in Dubai.

In case you missed any of the episodes, here are ALL OF THEM.

1. Hani - who lost more than 60kg

2. The Villafuerte Family - and Grace's journey to hearing

3. Salman - chasing his dream of becoming a comedian

4. Kimberly - on living with cerebral palsy and kicking ass in the process

5. Christina - the waitress who's dreams of being an actress came true

6. Maria - who struggled to make ends meet, until a stroke of luck

7. Shobhika - who is a one-woman force making sure Dubai is becoming more wheelchair friendly

8. Ahmed - who broke his back during a cycling race, and his road to recovery

9. Zaina - who has watched Dubai grow and evolve and why she loves it so much

10. The Ayaz Family - and the little boy who's living life to the full - with half a heart