BLESSED IN DUBAI: Episode Four - Kimberly Has Cerebral Palsy And Is An Inspirational Speaker At Just 18 Years Old

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At just 18 years of age, Kimberly Miranda is confident and self-assured. She's a university student, has already done a TEDx Talk, modelled on a catwalk for a fashion show, and is working to change the world.

Kimberly was diagnosed at a young age, with cerebral palsy, but it doesn't stop her.

Kimberly has gone rock climbing, and trampolining with her college, and hopes to see more special needs-friendly facilities in the UAE.

She's a total inspiration.

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Caitlyn Davey

Caitlyn is an Aussie journalist looking to change the world. In her spare time she loves playing sport, travelling and basically doing anything that means she doesn't have to sit still.