Drones Will Start Delivering Meals To Mosques During Ramadan In Dubai

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A campaign called Their Suhour Is On Us is launching during the Holy Month by The Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai and it is so Dubai!

The campaign will deliver several suhoor meals to mosques by using drones and with the help of over 700 volunteers. 

The pre-dawn meals will help feed laborers and raise awareness on the importance of volunteering and reemphasize social responsibility in the country. 

How it works 

The drones will use stored maps and target locations to follow specified routes and delivery the food to the assigned locations.  

And with almost eight charging batteries on hand, the drones will be able to carry almost 10kgs of meals in just one trip!

Everyone can contribute 

The youth council of the CDA has also opened the opportunity to engage people with determination - they will have the opportunity to supervise these meals and monitor their delivery to the mosques. 

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