Emirates Has Announced Its Offerings For Passengers During Ramadan

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Emirates Airlines has revealed its Ramadan offerings for travellers, with the iftar food box for those fasting as of May 27. 

Iftar and Imsak will be calculated on Emirates flights using a special calculation, based on the plane's latitude and longitude, ensuring the most accurate timings possible while on board, and Iftar will be announced by the captain. 

On trips to Jeddah and Medina, hot meals will not be cooked - cold meals only will be served.

Iftar boxes will provide Muslims with a balanced way to break fast

With  zaatar chicken with hummus, spinach fatayer, halloumi cheese and cucumber sandwiches, and sweets like maamoul and dates, and labaneh. 

Emirates will also be serving dates and water at the gates prior to boarding to help passengers break their fast

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