Khalid Al Ameri Visits A Town Where The Sun Never Sets To Discover How Muslims There Observe Ramadan

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If you haven't been following Khalid Al Ameri's daily Ramadan videos this Holy Month, what have you been doing?

Part of a Ramadan series, in this video Khalid and his wife Salama visit a town based in Northern Sweden where the sun can shine for 23 hours straight.

With 150 Muslims living in a town where the sun never sets, the duo discover how Muslims cope with 23 hours of sunlight.

Khalid Al Ameri visits the town where the sun never sets...

Shout out to Khalid who just reached 1 MILLION followers on Facebook!

The Emirati who, along with his family, normalize the life of Emiratis and Muslims in this region for the rest of the world to see. The videos he uploads daily have a tendency to go viral, see them here.

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