10 Crucial Things To Be Aware Of During Ramadan

Let’s be in good books!


If you are new to Dubai…welcome! If it is your first Ramadan in Dubai…hold on! Let us share some important information. The city is extremely tolerant and welcomes people of different ethnic backgrounds. Therefore as residents, our responsibility is to ensure we reciprocate in equal measure. In short: we are sensitive to those fasting during the Holy Month of Ramadan. Here are some dos and don’ts to help you navigate your way through this month.

1. Drinking water in public is a no-no

The mall toilets and emergency exits of your office building are counted as public space!


2. So is eating in public...a definite NO!

Do so in the boundaries of your home.


3. Be prepared for late nights

Suhoor is where all the networking happens.


4. Sign up for some charity work

Nothing satisfies more than helping someone in need.


5. Forget the shisha and ciggys for a couple of hours

Leave the hubbly bubbly for Suhoor.


6. Behave yourself at all times

Keep a safe distance from your BAE.


7. Be cautious when driving

Roads are deadlier during this time of the year.


8. Dress modestly

Those fasting, or any of us for that matter, do NOT appreciate skin show!


9. Go easy at Iftar  

You do not want to be 'one of those' hospitalised for overeating. 


10. Mind your language

Profanities and insults are considered a crime so think twice (thrice or even a million times) before you go on that swearing spree.


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