This App Will Save You Money During Ramadan

It's all about spending wisely

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A few weeks ago we shared news on how food prices will reduce during Ramadan. And now there's even better news. You can compare the prices of these items across different retailers. Launched by the Department of Economic Development, the app called 'Sallety' (the Arabic word for 'my cart') provides shoppers prices on various products and lets them compare these across nine hypermarkets in the city. 

In short: you do the homework on your phone versus hopping from supermarket to supermarket. 

The changes in prices across supermarkets are reflected instantly


Prices can be compared for everything ranging from veggies to cleaning solutions and baby products


Some of the supermarkets on the app include Carrefour, Spinneys, Choithrams, Lulu Hypermarket and Union Coop 

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