7 #Hacks To Upgrade Your Instagram

Influencer @GloryGirlFit Shares Her Tips

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We've recently teamed up with Vita Coco Middle East to offer one of you lucky (understatement) peeps the opportunity to become a jet-setting influencer for a whole month this summer! 

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Ok, all done?

Cool, now let's get you trained up for all that photo-taking you'll be doing if you win. Our girl Nadine du Toit, life coach, trainer and all round superstar, also known as Glory Girl Fit to her massive 40.1K Instagram followers (damn, Nadine!) gave us some tips that we'll share, coz we like spoiling you guys.

Sun, sand, sea... and selfies (take us with you!)

1. Category

So the first thing is to decide what kinda theme you want running through your page, are you gonna display beauty products, flaunt those abs, display your flawless face or devour food? Choose your category and maintain a theme to pull in followers who care about the same things you do.

2. Emotion

Instagram is aspirational. The more emotion you evoke in your followers, the more engagement you'll receive and, the more kick-ass your profile will become. Show off things that have the wow factor, pictures that will inspire your audience to want to be there with you but probably best to avoid #WishYouWereHere... ugh. 

3. Background

If you're lucky enough to be surrounded by beautiful backdrops, the best way to find the ideal location for your pic is to look through your phone. Do a 360 with your camera in hand and see where you can bets capture the colours and sights. BUT make sure you take it all in after you perfect your shot for the 'gram.

4. Symmetry

A picture that has some form of symmetry in it is guaranteed to stop your following in their scrolling tracks! It could be a road, a fence, a skyline, but whatever it is, the line in your pic will draw your audience in, add a little drama and makes all the difference.

5. Subject

Do you want to be the star of the pic? Do you want to highlight mother nature? Is there a new product you just HAVE to show off? Consider the positioning of objects in the frame; a tiny person in the corner will enforce just how big that waterfall is, and your following will follow your direction if you're pointing. 

6. Energy

Transmit energy to your audience through the facial expressions you use. While laughter is contagious, they may be impacted by a furrowed brow just as much. Use body language and movement to make images more engaging and of course, strike a pose!

7. Editing

The best bit! Change the whole mood of your image by warming it up or cooling it down. Accentuate your pic by making the colours pop (love a bit of saturation!) BUT don't take the editing too far... you're perfect as you are!

Nailed it. 

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