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Voting Now Open: Choose Who Should Become The Official Influencer For Vita Coco Middle East!

A month ago we partnered up with Vita Coco Middle East to launch #ReachForTheBeach, our search for an influencer who would become the face of the brand this summer. 

As well as becoming a Vita Coco Ambassador, the lucky winner will get to visit some of the most beautiful beaches in the world over the course of a month this summer. We're not jealous... AT ALL.  

We asked our potential stars to tell us why they deserved the chance to win and their entries have included everything from kayaking and dancing to hammock-swinging.

Variety is the spice of life after all!

Over the course of the last month, we received countless submissions and have painstakingly narrowed them down to the final 10. 

Now, it's YOUR turn! 

Vote for your fave entry below and the winner will become Vita Coco's Middle East brand ambassador this summer! 

Without further ado, here are the finalists in no particular order:

1. @Thuymi

Go on girl! Thuymi defo has that star quality and knows how to make videos that make us green with envy. Isn't that the main job of a beach-hopping influencer anyway?

2. @GloryGirlFit

Yes Nadine! No bells and whistles here. GloryGirlFit teaches us a valuable lesson about living in the moment, no filters, no effects, just natural scenery. Super refreshing to see an influencer who values realness rather than just stuntin' for the 'gram.

3. @Mr_Sosa27

Mr. Sosa is fitness and fun-ness goals tbh. If we knew that working out was that exciting, we might have put the burgers down and joined in... might being the operative word, k?

4. @Mar_Violinha

We got tired just watching Marina's amazing and energetic entry! Mar shows us the best bits of Dubai for everyone from the thrill-seekers to the chillers. Inspo galore!

5. @Gce28

LOL. This video sums up expectation Vs. reality. It's so real and soo makes us feel better about not having perfected squats. On the beach. While lifting a friend. She's reaching for the beach all the way from gym. 

6. @Nalapideart 

Sand artist, Nalapideart shows just how beautiful the beaches can be. His unique art-form gives us serious envy, and considering he spends all his days at the beach, could he be the perfect candidate - creating works of art all across the world? 

7. @LifeOf_Dana

WARNING: Do not, under any circumstances, watch this at your desk. You'll be longing for action and turquoise waters all day if you do. Dana has given us serious motivation to get out and about and document our Dubai adventures this weekend although there won't be a viewer discretion warning attached. We'll just be chilling on the beach with a book (calm down Lovin Dubai, we know!) and our coconut water obvs.

8. @Pyongsss

Pyong mixes the best of the beach and serious videography know-how. He's a jack of all trades and we're left feeling inspired by his video. Skills for days. YASS Pyong!

9. @AllisonOverseas

Now THIS is how to enjoy Vita Coco's coconut water! Allison is all kinds of fabulous in her entry showcasing our perfect idea of a chill out sesh in Abu Dhabi.

10. @Moebayer

Moe Bayer gets brownie points for showing us the many ways you can use a Vita Coco bottle as an entry video prop. Intrigued to see how he'd use it whilst beach hopping if you guys vote for him! Creative much?

If that's got you nuts for coconuts, you can get your fill online for a bargain here. 

Now get voting!

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