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You Can Make This Tasty Pasta Using Just 5 Ingredients

  • Fresh pasta
  • Large chunk of fresh parmesan
  • 8 small tinned anchovies
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 2 zucchinis (courgettes)


Step 1

So, if you can't manage to gather these five ingredients up, you have serious issues. Many people run out of recipes for their courgettes (zucchinis,) but they're delicious in this.

Step 2

Peel the garlic. When it's nice and red like that it means it's in season and has loads of flavour.

Step 3

Chop the life out of it and make it as small as you possibly can.

Step 4

Heat a load of olive oil up in a a large pan. Don't be shy, as it forms the base of the sauce.

Step 5

Over a really nice slow heat, add your garlic and anchovies.

Step 6

Stir them around and chop the anchovies up with the wooden spoon. You want to mix them into a sort of rough paste.

Step 7

Grate all of your zucchini (courgette).

Step 8

Keep the sauce stirred and make sure it doesn't start burning. This should smell great!

Step 9

Turn the heat up a little and throw in the courgette (zucchini).

Step 10

Add the pasta to some boiling water. I used fresh orecchiette because it holds the sauce really nicely, but any fresh pasta will do.

Step 11

Grate a load of parmesan cheese.

Step 12

You don't need to cook the sauce for more than two or three minutes on a nice medium heat. You're more warming it than cooking it.

Step 13

When the pasta is done, chuck it into the pan with the sauce. This is crucial to coat it all.

Step 14

Add the grated cheese.

Step 15

Stir the whole thing together so everything is evenly coated.

Step 16

Serve it up nice and simple. You could extend the recipe in a million different ways by adding herbs, more veg or meat and fish, but I like the simplicity of it all and it tastes great!

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