Try One Of These 10 Great Vegan Recipes Out Tonight

No probs!

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Terrified by vegan cooking? You needn't be. 

These are all super easy to whip up and so tasty (yes, even for carnivores!). 

Give one of these a whirl this evening, We promise you'll be more than pleasantly surprised!

Roasted Sweet Potato and Bean Quesadillas

These dreamy Mexican triangles are amazing, perfect as a main course or as party food.


Smokey Barbecue Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers

Barbecue flavours aren't just restricted to meat, these chickpea burgers feel like a cheat meal despite being full of protein!


Loaded Sweet Potato

Lash just about whatever you want into this dish, just make sure you put a healthy portion of avocado on the top!


Vegan Roasted Red Pepper Pasta

This creamy pepper pasta is made all the more decadent with almond milk and some grated vegan parmesan.


One Pot Tandoori Quinoa

All the Indian spices absorbed by the supergrain that is quinoa, this recipe is a keeper.


Grilled Corn Fritters

These fritters are so delicious they taste like they should be super unhealthy, but they're not!


Crispy Coconut Lime Baked Cauliflower Tacos

Yes, there's a lot going on here but MY GOD do all the ingredients compliment each other astoundingly well.


Homemade Falafel Bites with Tahini

This recipe uses six cloves of garlic, but I'm gonna go right ahead and suggest you double that - just stay away from any potential suitors for a solid day after consuming the falafel.


Vegan Mac and Cheese

Yep, you read that correctly. It's possible to make a delicious mac and cheese that's suitable for vegans. Unbelievable scenes!


White Bean and Avocado Baked Burritos

Mexican food so good you'll have difficulty believing that there's not an ounce of cheese within these beauties.


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