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The Detox Starts Today - Healthy Kale Soup Made Easy

  • Potatoes
  • Kale
  • Chopped Cabbage
  • Chicken stock (Vegetable stock if you are a veggie)
  • Onions
  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Fresh Thyme

With Eid well and truly over we can think of no better reason to start a detox. This is easy enough to make so get going and you'll feel healthier in no time!


Step 1

The ingredients are easy enough to find and this is a cheap as chips soup. You'll make enough for a family or for a few days for yourself

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Step 2

Grab the onions.

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Step 3

Peel them. If you can't complete this step then just give up now!

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Step 4

Chop them up roughly.

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Step 5

Peel the garlic.

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Step 6

Chop the heck out of it

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Step 7

Grab the fresh thyme. Don't even think about using the dry stuff because it tastes like sawdust. Fresh is essential

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Step 8

Pick all the leaves away from the stalks.

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Step 9

Peel the ginger. Use a little knob (hehe) of it as you don't want to overpower the whole soup.

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Step 10

Chop it up roughly. Thats all the prep done and the base flavours ready.

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Step 11

Lash a bit of olive oil into a large pot. The biggest one you have.

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Step 12

Lash all the ingredients that you prepped into the pot. Cook them over a really low heat while you prep the rest of the stuff. Stir them every so often

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Step 13

Prep the kale by washing it and removing the big thick stalks because they are bitter and taste like ass

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Step 14

Your kale should look like this when prepped.

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Step 15

Grab the spuds. Four nice big ones.

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Step 16

Peel and chop them up into even sized pieces.

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Step 17

Lash the potatoes into the pot when all the ingredients are nice and soft. Turn the heat up a little to a medium heat.

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Step 18

The kale will probably take up the whole pot but don't worry it'll shrink.

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Step 19

Keep stirring it the whole time.

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Step 20

Once the kale has decreased in size throw in the cabbage. Make sure to buy pre-chopped stuff so as you don't have to do any extra work.

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Step 21

Keep it all stirred the whole time over the medium heat for about 2-3 minutes

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Step 22

Cover it all in water. Lash in a couple of stock cubes as well (I forgot to take a picture of the stock cubes but you know what they look like so stop complaining)

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Step 23

Turn it down to a low to medium heat and pour yourself a glass of wine or go have a shower. It'll take about 30 minutes to simmer properly and let everything soften up

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Step 24

When the potatoes are soft and starting to fall apart you are good to go.

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Step 25

Blitz it all in either a blender or with a hand gun.

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Step 26

After seasoning it up with some salt and pepper and make sure it is super smooth

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Step 27

Serve it up and feel that goodness soaking down into your body!

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Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded our sister site Lovin' Dublin with a few simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.