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Breakfast In A Glass - How To Make The Perfect Kiwi Workout Smoothie

  • 1 banana
  • 2 kiwis
  • Orange juice
  • Couple of mint sprigs
  • Plain yoghurt
  • Porridge oats


Step 1

The beauty is that you can buy a large version of all the ingredients on a Saturday and have them for the week.

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Step 2

The kiwis are the only thing that you really need to prep. Put them on the chopping board.

Step 3

Top and tail them with a sharp knife and run around the outside to create a little strip.

Step 4

Chef trick alert! Ditch the knife and grab a large spoon. Use the spoon to peel away the skin. This means that you lose none of the flesh.

Step 5

Your kiwis should look absolutely perfect, like this.

Step 6

Chuck them into a blender along with the banana.

Step 7

Add the mint leaves.

Step 8

Nice little sprinkle of porridge oats. About half a cup, say. There's no time in the morning for proper measurements.

Step 9

Throw in a good amount of yoghurt.

Step 10

This picture will give you a good idea of the measurements.

Step 11

Add a decent glass of orange juice. Blend it. If it's too thick, add more juice. Too thin, add in more yoghurt..

Step 12

It should be lovely and smooth.

Step 13

Breakfast in a glass is served! It actually tastes delicious and is really filling. If you prefer things a little sweeter, you can always drizzle in a little honey.


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Niall Harbison

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