The Greatest 10 Minute Sandwich in The World

  • Chicken Breast
  • Baguette Or Ciabatta
  • Garlic
  • Mayo
  • Lemon
  • Anchovy Fillets
  • Cos Salad
  • Parmesan Cheese

I was coming home one evening absolutely famished with hunger after a day spent on the run. Bored with all the usual stuff I wanted to create a sandwich that tasted among the best in the world but which would be ready within 10 minutes as I had a load of work to get through. This may not win many health awards but it will make your mouth water and your taste buds explode. This is a hot garlic chicken roll with Caesar type toppings.


Step 1

The ingredients are super simple and please don't turn your nose up at the anchovies. Most people think they don't like them but when cooked like this they are spectacular.

Step 2

Start by cutting the bread in half...simple enough.

Step 3

Lash the anchovy fillets into a bowl. Trust me on this one, they are absolutely gorgeous.

Step 4

Throw in a couple of cloves of chopped garlic.

Step 5

Grate a bit of lemon zest in.

Step 6

Use a fork to mash the mixture. Don't be delicate here, just mix the whole thing together for about a minute.

Step 7

You'll have a weird brown looking paste like this. Pour a little olive oil in to bulk it out.

Step 8

Smear this mixture onto the bread with some more oil and then set it to one side to let it all soak in.

Step 9

Cut the chicken, take a sharp knife and flatten it out. You aren't cutting all the way through to the skin but instead just sort of flattening it out.

Step 10

Use the fork and spread a layer of the mixture on the chicken. Crush some pepper on it.

Step 11

Put the pan onto full heat and let it warm up for a couple of minutes.

Step 12

When it is hot enough, chuck in the chicken. Because it is so thin, it is going to cook in absolutely no time. Couple of minutes on each side.

Step 13

Now to make the amazing sauce that you are going to smear all over this bad boy. Chop up a clove of garlic.

Step 14

Lash it into a bowl with a good bit of mayo. Don't be shy. Then squeeze a lemon. Finally grate a load of the Parmesan cheese in, so as the sauce thickens up, it goes all cheesy.

Step 15

When the chicken has been flipped and is nearly cooked through, pop the bread into the pan. It will only take a couple of minutes to get golden brown and crispy.

Step 16

Place the bread onto the plate to start building the sandwich.

Step 17

Lash the lettuce on. No need for dressing as this will be plenty saucy.

Step 18

Slice the chicken and chuck it up on top of the lettuce.

Step 19

Give the other half of the bread a dirty big smear of the mayo sauce.

Step 20

Pop the lid up onto the sambo and there you go. Utterly delicious.

Screen-Shot-2014-03-31-at-18.58.34 1

Looking at the pictures is one thing, but to truly understand what it's all about, you need to throw one into your big fat gob. I say it is the greatest sandwich in the world because it includes my all time favourite toppings, and if somebody were to sell this around town, I’d have one every single day of the year. Off the charts good! Go on and give it a lash.

Written By

Niall Harbison

Niall founded our sister site Lovin' Dublin with a few simple aims: discover new places to eat in Dublin and share simple recipes cooked up in his kitchen.