Der Keller - Jumeirah Beach Hotel

Umm Suqeim, Level 1, Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai

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The Sausages At This German Eatery Might Just Be The Best We've Ever Tasted

Right now at Der Keller, a German restaurant located in the iconic Jumeirah Beach Hotel, they're running a Wurscht Fest (that's a Sausage Fest to me and you). The Fest got under way a couple of days ago so, ignoring all HILARIOUS innuendo from friends, we went along to see what it's all about.Der Keller is not the type of restaurant you would expect to come across at this iconic five star hotel. Filled with classic oak furniture, bunting in Bavarian colours (Bavaria is an area in the southeast of Germany famous for their brews) and music you'll recognise if you've ever visited Oktoberfest or any of the other famous hops festivals in the region; this is an authentic German eatery through and through. Here's what we tasted and a couple of reasons why we liked it…