Dubai Sports City, Next to International Cricket Council Academy, Near FitRepublik Gym, Dubai

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It Sounds Weird, But This Gym Café Is One Of The Best In The City

There are many amazing eateries in Dubai that play second fiddle to a more well-known venue. These sideshows are unsung heroes, as well as being one of the many things we love about our city. Whether you're working out at the gym, peddling on the track, shopping at the garden centre or even just sweating in the office, there's often a top-class adjoining restaurant a mere stone's throw away. So, why is this? Perhaps due to the heat, all amenities (including great restaurants and cafés) are required to be grouped together in the same building for most parts of the year. There's also plenty of space, meaning that gyms, for example, aren't forced into shoe-box-sized spaces, but can really branch out…