5 reasons to take your kids to visit PI.Dubai

Epic portions for the kids and good quality munch for the parents...everybody wins!

Homemade Green Apple Jello

Nothing is more daunting than heading out for a relaxed meal with friends and children. Will the kids eat anything? Will they make a mess? Probably not and probably; the thing is, they're so unpredictable, particularly when you're dealing with a couple of kids between two and five years old.

PI.Dubai is a recently(ish) opened gourmet pizzeria on the lower ground floor in Dubai Mall and they have just gone all out to set up a fun menu for the pleasure of your little ones.

After a trip to see/run around the Dinosaur, (a handy way to pass some spare time at the mall) we rampaged into the Italian/American diner. We were greeted by friendly enthusiastic staff who seated our group of eight at a comfortable table with plenty of room for roaming. As soon as we started scanning the menu we could see how much they care about the ingredients; everything is made from scratch using seasonal and regional produce and sustainable seafood and meats that are free of hormones, chemicals and GMO’s...this got two thumbs up from us health-conscious parents!

We ordered our food and drinks, gave the kids some colouring pens and paper and spent 20 minutes losing track of conversations while we wrangled with the kids. Just as the kids had started wrestling, screaming and calling each other poo-poo-head (yes, it’s a word) the food arrived...

Here are five reasons why we'll be making a return journey:

Pi Dubai

1. The PI. potato croquettes 

They were crisp on the outside, soft in the middle, not overly fried, made with real ingredients and served with a passata and a cheese dip. Kids and adults alike paid attention when these tasty treats arrived. Next, platefuls of delicious looking chicken parmigiano and squares of moist, hearty lasagne were plonked down...things were looking good.

Pi Potato Croquettes

2. The size of the children's portions

Come on let’s face it; who doesn’t look longingly at their children's food and wonder if it’s too early to say “have you finished yet?” Well, at PI. there will be PLENTY of leftovers. But some words of warning - don't fill up on the kiddies meal. PI.Dubai also offers a mouthwatering menu for the ‘grown ups’. Just try tucking into the Wagyu Meatball Lasagne which was superb really meaty, or the Fresh Herb Fettuccine served with butter poached shrimp and tomato crab ragu. I ate every bite of this and wiped the plate clean after...the sign of a good meal!

Kids Lasagne Squares

3. The hot chocolate

This decadent extravaganza arrived with the puddings. Definitely dark chocolate, definitely real whipped cream and definitely for Mummy next time. As a Mum you spend most of your time trying to limit the amount of sugar/sweet things your child consumes so there is something pleasurable (and a bit smug) about watching them suck down something that they think is a sweet treat while you know it's actually filled with goodness.

Hot Chocolate

4. The Homemade Green Apple Jello 

Don’t get me wrong, the kids weren’t in the least bit interested in this and it was wholly consumed by the adults. There are few children out there who would take an apple pudding (including actual apple) over the chocolate option. You can hear their minds working “hmmm? chocolate”. However, if you can persuade them to order this dessert, they will love it. It’s JELLY! Do not mention however, (if they can read, you’re in trouble) that it is made with crisp green apples secretly blended with dark leaf kale.........yup kale. There are no chemicals, no colouring and it's served with fresh whipped cream and caramel sauce. It was fresh and zingy and sweet and firm. Such a treat. 

Homemade Green Apple Jello

5. The hot Caramel Cake is 

Menu description: whipped cream, sea salt, fresh mint........fact. What that description doesn’t tell you is that the sponge is firm but moist, oozing with an amazing sweet and salty caramel sauce, the mint on top has been finely sliced as a beautiful garnish but it also adds a tiny little extra delight to each mouthful. You need to experience it. It was, and I quote my friend who was lucky enough to order it, “the best pudding I have ever had”.

Hot Caramel Cake

The verdict

Go and try this for food. You might need some entertainment to occupy the kiddies at the start but you'll have some very happy campers by the end, and I'll tell you what; Mum to Mum/Dad...They did not bring the kids food out until it was cool enough to eat!

The important bits

PI.Dubai is located on the lower ground floor of Dubai mall. 

For more info or call  +9714 447 1757 to book.

What we paid:

Mini marguerita AED 30 (Kids Menu)

Chicken parmigaina bites AED 45 (Kids Menu)

PI potato croquettes AED 35 (Kids Menu)

Lasagne Squares AED 45 (Kids Menu)

Homemade Green Apple Jello AED 15 (Kids Menu)

Wagyu Meatball Lasagne AED 95 (Adult Menu)

Fresh Herb Fettucine AED 120 ( Adult Menu) 

Hot caramel Cake AED 30 (Adult Menu)

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