6 Reasons Why You'd Need To Be Rolled Out Of This New American Eatery

There's no walking home

Panoramic View From Entrance Sugar Factory

Social media really is an undeniable force. We get to know of things faster than it would take a PR person to hit 'send' on their email informing their database of the same news.

You’re probably wondering, what has this got to do with Sugar Factory? Well, that’s exactly how I found out about this place. It was the social media pictures that got me curious. Plus, a bit of research had me realising how big the brand is in the U.S. 

So one afternoon I head out (with my plus one, of course) to Dubai Festival City Mall to check out Sugar Factory's first international branch.

Two hours later I realise, you might come in walking but there's no other way to exit than being rolled out.

Here are six reasons why:

1. The Goblets...

Sometimes you need a drink to wash down your meal. Over here you'll need a meal to keep you going through this drink. Served in a deep goblet, the signature beverages can quench the thirst of a family of four. Not only do the bright colours and candy popping out of the goblets catch your attention but the theatrical effect of the dry ice and the constant bubbling of the beverage do too. 

We opted for Lollipop Passion which was a step into the tropics with flavours of coconut, pineapple and melon. The second one - Ocean Blue - was the star. Imagine yourself jumping into the ocean on a hot summer day - refreshing? Well, that's what the drink was. 


2. It's not just a menu...

It's a booklet with tons of options. They have pancakes, waffles, burgers, pasta, pizzas, ice-cream sandwiches and milkshakes. In addition to that there's a separate page which has stuff like Black Angus fillet, pan-roasted salmon, country fried chicken and even silken tofu.

It's okay to take your time to decide. It's not an easy choice when everything sounds so good.


3. The platter...

For appetisers it was a platter with wings (tender chicken coated in a tangy sauce), onion rings (huge golden brown hoops of perfection), chicken fingers that were on point and mac and cheese pops (the classic paired with a marinara sauce mixed with Philly cream cheese). We were raising the chances of blocked arteries given everything was deep fried but it was SO DAMN GOOD that the repercussions didn't matter. 

4. The pizzas...

Step aside Margherita or Diavola. Make way for powerful names such as Burger Truck, Surf and Turf, High on Fungus and Italian Job. Unlike everything else on the menu, the pizzas aren't a duplication of the brand's home menu. It has been introduced just for this market. The Taco Mexicana we ordered could best be summed up as a Mexican meal on a pizza base rather than a tray. It had tacos, minced beef, cheddar cheese, beans, avocado and sour cream. One bite = crunch, crisp, sweet, spicy...and it was tasty!


5. The pancakes and waffles

While most people would begin their day with pancakes and waffles, we decided to end ours (well our meal at least) with these breakfast specials. 

The pancake was a semi-thick fluffy cake made of buttermilk batter drizzled (very generously) with Nutella and melted hazelnut chocolate. In the middle sat a swirled dollop of whipped cream. The sweetness of the entire dish was just right, cutting out the need for the maple syrup it was served with.

The waffle was a winter day's treat. If it had a personality it would be a 'warm person'. Roasted apples and a toasted pecan crumble lent the patterned dish an earthy, comforting feel. 


6. The candy obvs

Standing in the retail section of the restaurant we couldn’t help but think of a child with heart eyes - just like the emoji. There were treats ALL around - gummy bears, lollipops, chocolates and even '90s faves Runts and Nerds. Extra points to them for storing all those!

Sugar Factory Candy Store And Restaurant

To sum it up...

You wouldn't mind being rolled out of a place that's so chic. Think the classic black and white combination with lots of gold thrown in. While the walls at the start of the restaurant are adorned with pictures of celebrities, the ones to the middle have large frames of artwork and the last section boasts a glass one which overlooks the waterfront. 

Note: the staff is definitely one of the other reasons you will visit twice. They are enthusiastic to serve you and happy to share their recommendations.

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