7 reasons why the Chocoholic Brunch is a must

Two of our favourite things: chocolate and brunch


"I just feel like it's too much chocolate." Said no one in the history of the world EVER.

For some, chocolate is the be all and end all when it comes to food. We're those people. Lucky then, that this weekend we had the pleasure of visiting the Chocoholic Brunch at the Sheraton Hotel, MOE.

We arrived at the Sanabel restaurant (up on the 5th floor) overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Road, buzzing with the excitement of filling our bellies with all things cocoa-based.

Choose from a table for two or one of the larger ones if you're dragging along the family or a group of mates (there's also one large table outside). We'd like to tell you about the decor, but in all honesty, the piles of chocolate treats kind of stole our attention from whatever was hanging on the walls. The brunch is buffet-style (around 12 stations of savoury and sweet in total) with waiters serving you drinks at your table.

The website boasts that 100kg of chocolate is used for the brunch, that there's 58 different sweet treats, 22 varieties of chocolate from around the world including the rare and exclusive 67% Grand Cruz Chocolate. So without further ado, we decided to loosen our belts and do some fact checking on those stats. Here are the best bits...

Chocolate-Room 1

1. It's family friendly

For those Mums and Dad's who still love to hit a brunch on a Friday, you'll be glad to learn that the Chocoholic Brunch is as kid-friendly as a brunch can get, and not just because it's free for kids under 12-years-old. The atmosphere is less rowdy than some brunches, so the noise level and language is 100% PG. They also have a small kids-only station, complete with toys and pint-sized furniture, the website says there's also a PlayStation and Wii console but we didn't spot those. Either way, the kids are kept busy, so you can concentrate on eating yourselves silly while the kids make some new friends over in the corner.

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2. It's a fair price

Brunches seem to be getting more and expensive, so this one seemed pretty friendly on the purse strings. It's AED 199 inclusive of soft beverages and AED 299 with house beverages. Even if you want the bubbly, it will only put you back AED 399.

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3. The sushi is a winner

From spicy Indian curries and Irish oysters to a full on roast beef carvery, there really is something tasty for everyone. They also have an extensive spread of salads, with the goat's cheese salad with walnuts and fresh figs, and the Greek salad being the standout winners. But the outright champion food was the sushi. Firstly, it wasn't your usual 'I've been sat at this brunch station for three hours and gone hard round the edges' sushi and secondly it wasn't the 'I've been mauled by a hundred people and fallen apart' sushi. Instead it was beautifully presented, with lots of fresh and tasty varieties, type of sushi.

IMG 20151122 101630
IMG 20151122 221502

4. The beef in chocolate gravy is incredible

Ok, so it may be called the chocoholic brunch but we certainly weren't expecting chocolate inspired main courses too. Call us naive if you will, but roast beef with chocolate gravy? Actually, whoever came up with that little recipe, is an absolute genius in our book. It may sound strange but chocolate and beef should definitely be put together more often. The beef itself was lovely and tender, made even richer with the silky smooth chocolate gravy, which was delicious in it's own right.

IMG 20151122 100326

5. The chocolate fountains at Chocolate Avenue

When we first arrived at 'Chocolate Avenue' our mouths fell open wider than ever before. The chocolate fountains are the first thing you see and smell (and wow do they smell good) as you walk into the dessert area of the brunch. There's both a white chocolate and a milk chocolate fountain with a fresh selection of exotic fruit, marshmallows and chocolate bars (just in case you need milk chocolate dipped in your white chocolate). Once we managed to peel our eyes away from the fountains we laid them on the crepe station. Made fresh in front of you, the crepes come with a variety of fillings including chopped bananas, berry compote and of course chocolate. We didn't know what to try so we tried one of everything, naturally. The dessert area has about six stations in total – each piled high with a variety of choc treats including cakes, cookies, brownies and puddings.

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6. There's even a chocolate tea

Of course there's all your usual drinks to make sure you don't return home sober, and they're pretty free-flowing too. Chop and change between cocktails, grape, hops as you will – the waiters are happy to assist. Then there's a really nice touch, when brunch is winding down, the serving of the 'chocolate tea' by a chocolate connoisseur, who moves around the restaurant with an exclusive tea blend topped with chocolate smoke. The tea didn't exactly taste of chocolate but definitely filled the air with the amazing smell of chocolate and tasted delicious all the same!

IMG 20151122 101727

Chocolate flavoured tea. Yes, you heard us right...

7. It's on Groupon

One of the best things about the Chocoholic brunch is its value for money: great quality, unlimited food for a very reasonable price. What makes it even better is that it often pops up on Groupon, so keep your eyes peeled as it's ideal if you are on a tight budget, or if there's a big group of you doing it together.


Good time had: this was us by the end of it:

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