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Mediterranean meets Arabian at Café Bateel


Let’s just be honest….For the longest time the only thing we could associate the word ‘Bateel’ with was dates. And REALLY GOOD dates. From the melt-in-your-mouth Rhutab ones to the ones filled with orange peel and candied ginger. Then came the date chocolates, honey and sparkling drinks. With tons of its cafés making their way around town, it was imperative we give it a shot. And what better time than now? So we sampled the new seasonal menu at Café Bateel and here are our conclusions...

The Dubai Mall Refurb

1. The location is fab

Tucked away in a corner of the mall, you’re away from the crowds (just what you want in a place as humongous as The Dubai Mall). If there’s one thing you can hear, all through your meal, it’s the relaxing sounds of the waterfall. The colour scheme of the restaurant is soothing with dark wood furniture upholstered with leafy green fabric.

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2. The new menu is a non-vegetarian person’s paradise

While there are salads or the white bean soup to choose from, the rest of the seasonal menu has dishes that are either meat or seafood based.

We started our meal with the green burrata. This dollop of cheese made from mozzarella and cream was served on a bed of bright green veggies. There were asparagus stalks, fava beans and artichokes – all crunchy with a slight zing from the lemon confit. We skipped the spiced tuna wrap and beef focaccia sandwich for mains of scallop baba ghanoush. It was a soup-meets-mains kind of experience. Let’s explain this better. Think slow-cooked scallops sitting on a baba ghanoush throne surrounded with a pepper coulis.

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3. Vegetarians don’t have to panic 

While the seasonal menu has limited choice for the veggies, the regular menu more than makes up for it. We opted for the mushroom risotto where the short grain rice was replaced by farro wheat. The resulting dish: a lighter, slightly crunchy and healthier version. Adding to its nutrition value was the use of labneh instead of cream.

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4. There’s no end to the dessert list

There are MORE than 15 desserts to choose from on the regular menu. In an ideal world, we’d want one of each but we behaved ourselves. We went with the manager’s recommendation of the chocolate cheesecake on the seasonal menu. What we got was a dark, rich slab of baked chocolate cheesecake goodness with almond streusel, chocolate mascarpone and praline. Yummm!

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5. Thumbs up for...

They have fresh juices as well, so you can actually pair a fantastic meal with a refreshing juice like watermelon, orange or carrot. But for us it was a clear choice - the cooling lemon and mint juice.

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6. The coffee is the perfect end to the meal

Do yourselves a favour and finish your meal with the qahwah, just like we did! What you get is decaf coffee made with Yemeni beans and cardamom. It is perhaps the BEST Arabic coffee we’ve had so far. It is served with Bateel’s delicious kolas dates. The manager was quick to tell us the coffee is their signature drink and tastes the same across all branches.

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And here's some other stuff you need to know...

  • Dishes on the seasonal menu start at AED 36
  • To find out more, call 04 339 9716
  • The flagship store is at The Walk, JBR and houses the café, bakery and boutique

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