Love delicious ice cream? Milkcow at JBR will be your new favourite place

We got a sneaky first try of all the flavours...

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Milkcow, situated in JBR at Trident Grand Residences opens it's doors on Thursday 28th January and this is an opening we are very excited about. We took a trip down to have a sneaky preview of some of the flavours and we loved what we saw. 

Milkcow, which has 50 branches across Asia and the United States, specialises in Organic ice cream, imported from South Korea. Combined with a variety of toppings to compose a creative rich, creamy combination of flavours, Milkcow offers 14 ice-cream options (we did our best to try them all!) along with various fun toppings, teas and aromatic coffees. Their Asian Bakery (not yet opened) will add even more variety to the list. When you head down we definitely recommend you try the ‘Milky Cube’ option, made from milky cow ice-cream with natural honeycomb to add natural was amazing!                                         

They're healthy option “Milky Peace” is great too; it's the first time we've tasted pistachio syrup, it was drizzled deliciously over the ice-cream, with sunflower and cashew clusters on top. “Mount Blanc” is one for sweet lovers, you can mix the candy floss with the ice-cream to create a sticky texture, while enjoying the chocolate rocks in the base of your cup.

Customers can select from signature menu items or 'create their own' dessert with toppings ‘Create your own’. Fancy a taste? Head over for the grand opening on the the meantime, feel free to salivate on the treats we got to try out...

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Mount Blanc
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