One Of The Places In Pier 7 Is Now Serving Breakfast And It's Actually Pretty Amazing

Rainbow Bagel Savory Min

Pier 7 is known more as an evening dinner venue and a nightlife spot than somewhere for breakfast, however, that is about to change. With Shakespeare undergoing renovations, both the Scene and now, Fume, have introduced breakfast menu's. The menu is similar to the very popular breakfast at Fume downtown, with a few epic new editions such as the Rainbow Bagel. Whether you want a cheat day  breakfast, a healthy fresh start to the day meal or both, this menu manages to do both perfectly. 

Firstly, the healthy part...

Eggs done properly - this is the healthy part

We went for two different types of scrambled eggs. I had the salmon and scrambled, my friend had the organic cheddar eggs with chives. 

Beach board smoked salmon bresaola chorizo stacciatella toma

Beach Board House Smoked Salmon Bresaola Chorizo Stracciatella Toma
Organic Cheddar Eggs Scrambled Eggs Year Old Organic Cheddar Chives
Img 6760

Fresh energy boosting smoothies - crucially with no sugar

Img 6761

Now for the distinctly unhealthy part...

Lotus Banoffee Pancakes - this is the best dish on the menu without a doubt

Img 6763

Rainbow Bagel that looks like Donal Trump's hair

Img 6765

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