This Is One Routine That You Need To Add To Your Morning Schedule

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There aren't many places in the world where you can drive to a beach within 15 minutes from any location in the city. Mornings can be spent running on a purpose built 10km track followed by a swim in the sea – one that is calm, clean, and not too cold. You can then wash using the public showers and go to a place like Surf Café for a really healthy and delicious breakfast. It sounds like the dream. Yet, when you do it during the week, there won't be many more people doing it with you. How come? Do we not appreciate what we have on our doorstep?

Head to the beach and then have breakfast at The Surf Café...

Enough with the nature appreciation lecture; I wanted to give you five reasons why Surf Café is a great spot to go to irrespective where you are coming from. 

1. It's got that hipster Aussie vibe to it

2. The menu has options for everyone

The all-day breakfast items range from avocado and eggs (AED 45), to salmon bagels (AED 55) to the surfers breakfast (AED 78). There are salads like chicken and mango (AED 50) or quinoa Greek salad (AED 47) or beetroot and pumpkin salad (AED 43). Its sushi bar offers the likes of seabass carpaccio (AED 65) and wasabi pawns (AED 60 for 5 pieces) among other dishes. For mains, your options include the surfers burger (AED 80) and fish and chips (AED 65). 

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3. You won't find tastier, fresher orange juice

It's come to a point where I judge a place on their juices. I was at the Burj Club recently, and when making a mocktail, I saw them pouring apple juice from a carton loaded with sugars and concentrate. It put me off right away. This is not the care Surf Café. Here it’s freshly squeezed and very tasty. 

4. It will fill you up

Portions aren't shy. This is the café breakfast (AED 78). 

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5. The Açaí bowls are a must try

Ok so they are super healthy and not the go-to breakfast item for everyone, but I urge you to try them. There are three options: 1. Superfoods, 2 with Speculoos, 3. with fresh fruits. They will have you feeling great afterwards. 

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Here is where you will find Surf Cafe

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