Is This The Best (Actual) Brunch In Town?

The Sum of Us is the perfect place to escape for a lazy weekend bite.


Apparently, brunch outside of Dubai means something quite different. It's not actually a food and drink free-for-all, but rather a quiet meal munched between breakfast and lunch (usually enjoyed on the weekend, just after you've missed that early morning gym session you promised yourself you'd do). Well, I think a meal as glorious as brunch deserves a setting to match. And that's just what I got at my most recent dining destination.

A slick interior and buzzy atmosphere combines perfectly with friendly staff, exciting food and a laid-back attitude at the universally-loved (borderline hipster) eatery, The Sum of Us.

As the quickly maturing sibling of Dubai-favourite Tom & Serg, this quaint restaurant (affectionally known as Tom & Serg 2.0) is defined by its chic layout (spread out over two floors), fresh tasty food and great coffee. Having opened in May of this year, it's faring well against the summer heat and getting plenty of bums on seats.

There's a great buzz about The Sum of Us; not only amidst the city, but even in the quirky café itself. There's plenty of chatter, and a great mix of people - really demonstrating the ethnic and cultural melting pot of modern-day Dubai. Of course, one thing unites all: the instagram-worthy food.

That, and the added bonus of valet parking.

Let's be honest, even at a café it's a major plus!

"We don't have an Americano, only a Philipino!" Glenn had us laughing!


The restaurant wasn't too noisy, or too quiet. It was juuust right.


How many bonus points does a café get for being pet friendly?

When it comes to food, their breakfasts are great; everything from the 'morning after wrap' (packed with scrambled egg, veal bacon, avocado and cheese) to the chunky, fresh sandwiches and the massive variety of tasty sides really hit the spot. Of course, to do brunch properly, the menu needs to be adaptable. If you feel like a salad, but you're also going through a poached egg craze, just order them on the side - everything is served all day. Job done.

Fresh seasonal fruits, mango and yoghurt sorbet, coconut and almond crumble

Duck cassoulet, toasted sourdough, rocket and poached egg

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Bresaola with artichoke puree, truffle, pecorino, rocket and blackened onions

Braised spiced lamb shank with couscous, kasundi, mint and pistachio pesto

Corned beef sanga, aged cheddar, braised red cabbage, gherkins and dijon mayo on sourdough

Salt caramel, french toast, mascarpone, fresh banana with macadamia nuts

The verdict? Spot on. We'll be back. But, is it the best in town? We could settle on The Sum of Us, but why would we, when there's a host of other worthy contenders knocking on our door. One thing's for sure though; it's the best (proper) brunch we've had in a very, very long time.

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