Could You Brave A Curry On Your Lunch Break? This Budget-Friendly Indian Is An Absolute Hidden Gem

Take note: Exceptional food doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price

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 A city with over 7,000 restaurants

The dining options (and prices) in Dubai are incredibly varied. If you get lunch near Internet City, for example, you're guaranteed to be saying goodbye to the best part of AED 100 everyday if you eat out, and unfortunately the quality of the food is never quite as certain as the price.

That's where Royal Mughal Bistro steps in. 

A simple,modern Indian restaurant located in Internet City, a stone's throw from Business Central Towers in Media City (we'd like to say it's walk-able but there is NO JUDGEMENT for taking a taxi in this heat). A modern design with quirky Indian art work; despite being a relatively new addition to the area, this place has character and it's own distinctive feel. 

A lunch time diamond in the rough

I've been for lunch here a couple of times and the staff are always beyond friendly and the food has always been spot on. They use fresh ingredients and a healthy cooking style and guests are served up tasty, filling meals. Simple. (And your wallet won't hate you for it at the end.) 

What I had...

A creature of habit, I tend to order the same few items whenever I visit; the samosas are good, but made exceptional with an unreal mint dipping sauce. The mixed veg dish is a real treat and the butter chicken is up there with one of the greats (and that's saying something). I didn't love the quinoa salad, but who orders a salad at an Indian? Stick with the classics and you won't go wrong. 

A little bit of history...

Mughali food is commonly known as North Indian food which was exclusively found on the tables of royal Mughal emperors in Northern India.

Granted you're not sitting on a throne surrounded by luxury at this bistro, but the food here is good and it's worth taking note: Exceptional food doesn't have to come at an exorbitant price.

How much will you pay? 

Snacks start at AED 12, mains start at AED 24 and naan costs AED 5. We're aware this is not the cheapest Indian in all of Dubai but for the taste, quality and location this is a seriously good price point. 

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