5 Reasons Why Dragonfly By Tim Raue Will Leave You And Your Guests In Awe

A pretty exceptional experience

Dragonfly Exterior

Positioned in the newly opened "Boulevard" in Citywalk, Dragonfly offers up a truly unique experience to diners in the UAE and beyond. Never before has Lovin Dubai tasted such beautiful, unique dishes that have been crafted with love, care and a heavy dose of magic! 

Two-Michelin-star chef Tim Raue brings a unique flair to the restaurant scene here. Dragonfly is a spectacular, contemporary Asian restaurant with a sumptuous decor to match the wonders served to you on a plate. So without further ado let's dive into why we think Dragonfly will leave you and your guests pretty speechless.

1. Dragonflies are synonymous with flight, energy and passion 

And this very clearly comes across in the menu that is set before you. Beautifully simple and highly focused, the menu on offer smacks of attention to detail and care. As head chef, Christian Singer said: "We revere classic Asian dishes but here at Dragofly Dubai we are constantly trying to update them by deconstructing and reinterpreting. We have a relentless pursuit of product quality which is reflected in what you see on the plate. We combine this with classical French technique to derive perfection in terms of production of the dishes. We combine that with our deep knowledge of Thai, Japanese and Chinese cooking to recreate new intepretations of old classics!" And it is this philosophy which means that what you see on your plate is nothing like anything you will see or taste anywhere else in Dubai - we promise you that! 

2. The interior is gorgeous

3. #JINES - Juice deconstructed to reflect aperitifs, digestivs and more! 

This was a wonderful concept and really clever - when you visit other non licensed properties all you ever get is a 'samey' samey menu of juices that are called slightly different things. Here at Dragonfly we had juice that had had the same love, care and thought as its alcoholic equivalent and it was paired to complement the food. Patricia, the delightful front of house here was our highly knowledgeable guru on all things #Jine and helped us pick the right one to go with the appropriate dish. Very smart! 

4. Duck lovers paradise

A trio of duck dishes is one of Tim Raue's signature dishes and something that all duck connoisseurs should go and try! Beautifully roasted duck with a rich jus made with duck feet and spring roll of leek, green apple; the second with hot stock made from the legs and bones of the duck and flavoured by winter melon, bamboo mushroom, duck gizzards and hearts and the third, a cold mousse of foie gras served with BBQ sauce, pickled cucumber as well as a leek and ginger puree.  

5. Unique dishes you won't find anywhere else

Turbot with kamebishi, leek and ginger was our absolute favourite dish of the evening. Perfectly cooked turbot is a thing of beauty and many restaurants here in the UAE get turbot so wrong. Not Dragonfly! Accompanied by leek, young pickled slices of ginger and kamebishi soy sauce it was served with dry ice and hot water which brought a touch of glamour and drama to its arrival! 

And then there is the dim sum black truffle With hazelnut and spinach - this divided our table - with 50% falling in love with it, 50% finding it really rich. We think that the beautifully light cucumber slushy that we had post this dish was perfect timing for us to cleanse the pallette and get us ready for the next course. 

Whatever you do you have to stick around for deserts here - we tried the mango and vanilla ice cream with meringue, tapioca and it was sublime as you can see from the picture below it was a work of art as well! 

Eating at Dragonfly Dubai felt like a true culinary gift, an experience that will be hard to match by any other place in Dubai. This place comes from deep expertise, passion and love for food. It's not overly complex but the dishes are very cleverly executed. 

We were astounded by the value of this restaurant given the quality of the food delivered, the execution of the dishes and the extremely well trained staff. The eight course tasting menu is AED 650 per person and well worth the investment. However, the most expensive main course on the menu was only AED 120. When great food costs this kind of investment I hope that Dragonfly's unique perspective and concept continues to cast a culinary spell over Dubai for many, many years to come. It truly was a delicious and delightful dining experience. 

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