5 Reasons You Need To Visit Miss Lily's If You Haven't Already

We Miss Lily's Already

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Miss Lily’s is probably one of the hippest and most understated restaurants in Dubai. It’s way-too-cool vibes have you walking in a dishevelled city goer and swaggering out four mocktails down.  Think evening on a beach shack in Kingston, Jamaica. Feeling so laid back you could fall over, with something fruity in your hand, enjoying the cool tones of reggae beats. If you can picture it clearly, you’re probably at Miss Lily’s.

1. The Setting

The restaurant itself is dark and alluring with yellow, black and green accents - an ode to its’ Jamaican inspiration. The entrance looks almost industrial, which, totally adds to the completely easy-going atmosphere. It’s almost as if the whole vibe says “it didn’t take long, we are just naturally this cool.”

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2. It's like being at your friends place for dinner

The staff being so laid back, however, could be a slight downfall for Miss Lily’s. We’re programmed, as Dubai restaurant goers, to have a high standard of staff that go above and beyond to cater to our needs. The staff at Miss Lily’s are almost too chilled, in that it’s like being at your friend’s place for dinner.

3. The jerk corn-on-the-cob and Jamaican Alaska are must haves

The food is definitely not like being at your friend’s house. New York Rising Star Chef Adam Schop has curated a menu that is lashed with sweetness, spiciness and even some flavours you didn’t know existed yet. The combination of flavours perform daggering (a frantic traditional dance) on your tongue whilst you lie back and cope with the amount you just devoured. The jerk corn-on-the-cob and the Jamaican Alaska are MUST haves.

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4. They add a Caribbean beat to pop-music

With an eclectic mix of pop songs, Miss Lily's beats take the most well-known tracks and give them a Caribbean makeover. The playlist consists of everyone's favourite tunes with a cooler vibe that makes you want to get up and wine up. 

5. They event have a Saturday brunch option

Friday brunch features on every Dubai resident's calendar. However, Miss Lily's offers a Saturday alternative for those who just couldn't make it, we're looking at you, heavy Thursday, night, and those who are not willing to let go of the weekend so easily. 

What You Need To Know

Located in the H hotel on SZR. This place gets really busy on Thursday and Friday evenings. For reservations: reservations@misslilysdxb.com   ph +971 4 354 4074

Written By

Aisha Deeb