Is it a Cinema? Is it an Art Gallery? Is it a Bar?

No, well yes, well no..


TR!BECA Brings Something Alternative To The Marina

Open a few months now, Tribeca at Ocean View Hotel on JBR already has a loyal following who applauded it for taking on a mix of art, nightlife, silent cinema and excellent food. Even more impressive in that it has done it in one of the most densely populated restaurant areas per capita in Dubai. That far corner or south end of Dubai has become very popular of late, with Girders, Crazy Monkey and Stereo Arcade to name a few.

Is It A Theatre?


New York Street Deco

The interior pays tribute to the Tribeca area of New York, and does it so well you almost forget where you are for a couple of hours. The corner is bar is like the down stairs area of a Lower East Side bar, perfect for some strong whiskeys while you wait a live performance. Then over in another corner, there is a movie area, kinda like a slient disco. They night we went an old Eddie Murphy movie from the 80's was playing, as a group of friends watched with Dre Beats head phones, the waiter served them popcorn. Another sureal moment seemed so apt.

Organic Food

We puzzled over one of the deserts for sometime, it was a 'Vegan coconut with Chia seed served & seasonal berries (ve)', so healthy, so tasty. Even the Wine is organic. TR!BECA prides itself on sustainability, not that this takes away from the taste. TR!BECA has one of those brave healthy menus, that you are just waiting to see something and say, 'that's trying to hard', but it doesn't come. There were 4 of us having 3 courses, so we had our fill and it didn't disappoint. To pick a fault, it was very hard to get the mint sauce out of the glass jar! I'm not a massive Tirmasu fan, but I also like to point out to guests that it means 'Pick Me Up' in Italian. A meal in TR!BECA certainly will do that for you.


That Pesto Isn't Coming Out


A Bit Of Art And That...

Stylest magazine recently held their Syltest Talks art event here with British Artist Hayen Kays and it's no surprise why they choose this venue. From the face statue on entrance, to the wall murals of Jay Z and Daniel Day Lewis in the outdoor area. They even have local Dubai based artist Jim Wheat of Dollarsandart represented throughout.


Just Show Up

The perfect place to go and hang out with friends when you have nothing really planned. It will look after your mood and ensure a good time. Just like a good bar in New York. Watch out, the longer you spend there, the more you spend, and all these tempting things do add up. Still recommended, have been making any excuse to return since. Do take note that it doesn't open until 5pm.

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