Japanese Restaurant In Front Of The Burj And Its Food Looks Just Like The View

Casual, quality Japanese cuisine served under the gaze of the Burj Khalifa!

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Katana Sushi

Katana's Suishi Selection Looks Like A #Mouthgasm

Katana is a Japanese word that describse one of the traditionally made swords used by Samurai in feudal Japan. I think it’s highly appropriate for a restaurant that relies heavily on the craftsmanship and usage of knives that produces such beautiful suishi and sashimi cuisine.  As new arrival on the block, Katana certainly cuts a swathe through the food scene here as its focus is on a relaxed, fun but vibey Japanese dining and experience.

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Casual dining that focuses on quality and atmosphere for Japanense cuisines is sorely lacking in the UAE 

If you want quality without having to put on your best Vuitton or Hermes then Katana is a welcome and promising addition for you. You can just as easily rock up straight from the mall as you can in something more glamorous. As soon as you walk in the doors, you instantly relax to the fabulous beats of the place. The sushi bar is the main focus of the restaurant and you quickly realise that everyone is there to appreciate the food and be attended to by incredibly focused staff. Our waiter was Nikki and he was phenomenally knowledgeable about the menu. Irfan, the Front of House/Head of Guest Relations was stellar. You can tell he’s been trained in the US as he had the right blend of charm and attentiveness without being irritating – that’s a skill!

The interior of Katana is cool 

It has lovely touches which make for hard photographing but really add to the ambience. The terrace is sublime and has one of the best views of the Burj Khalifa in town. If you want to have your sushi in style or even your coffee and desserts on the terrace this is the place to do it.

Anyway, onto the most important thing – the food and drinks! We had cold crisp Sauvignon Blanc which was delightful and perfectly complimented the sushi and robata (more on these later) perfectly. The menu is extensive - there are also hot and cold Japanese appetizers, main courses, and various rice and noodle dishes. There is a comforting selection to choose from for even the most discerning Japanese cuisine connoisseur. 

If you’re overwhelmed, let the highly informed staff guide you. 

We certainly welcomed Nikki’s recommendations, as well as pointing us to special items and house favorites. That's how we ended up with exceptional sushi bar offerings such as seared bluefin fatty tuna, which dissolved the second it hit the tongue, and luscious Japanese red snapper, served nigiri-style, atop a mound of seasoned rice. These are, relatively speaking, luxury items at a sushi bar — $13.99 for the tuna and $7.50 for the snapper — but they're worth seeking out. We also had spicy tuna on crispy rice which we devoured, chicken and green onion skewers which were fine but not spectacular bacon wrapped shrimp – ask for this with crispy bacon – it really makes a massive difference, but the piece de resistance was the fillet of beef and wasabi salt accompanied by miso aubergine. 

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