If You Like Burgers, You Need To Try This Place That's JUST Opened In JLT

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Smokin'9 is exactly as its slogan says: 'intense mini burgers'. They are just sliders, so nothing bigger than a mini, but don't let that put you off. These mini's pack a punch, and they are just at the right price point so that you have three mini's and a side of fries for the price of burger and chips elsewhere. 

Mini burgers in a mini place

It's based at the back of Cluster U in JLT and is a small restaurant with no more than three tables. Much like BO9, the new sandwich place in Cluster T, Smokin9 has got a similar hipster feel to it, with a few books on shelves and lighting on the floor. The main seat is a big sofa, so it has the effect of a loft, kitchen come lounge. 

The burgers & sides

While we love the look of this place, the burgers are what we bring people here again and again. There are nine items on the mini menu: four beef burgers, three chicken burgers and two veggie burgers with options of normal or sweet potato fries. 

They are indeed 'intense mini burgers', with great sauces and lots of flavour. However, the beef and chicken was a tiny bit dry, not as juicy and tasty as the rest of the burger. Having said they, it is a great option for lunch and worth a repeat visit.

The cost & any other info

The cheapest mini burger is 9 AED, the most expensive is 13 AED, so if you have three it will come to around 30 AED and sides are between 8 AED and 13 AED. Also, worth noting that you can order by dialing 800 MINI (6464) and they come in this really cute box. They are open, Saturday - Thursday  11:30am - 10pm. Friday - Closed

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Where to find Smokin'9

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