There Is A Pop-Up Warehouse With Food Trucks In Al Quoz That You Have To Try

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How hipster can one place get? A pop-up within a pop-up. Pulled beef. Food trucks. Warehouse. Retro movies projected on a wall. Well, this place, aptly named Hangry Hanger is exactly this place. 

A question that must cross every Food Truck owner in the UAE, where do you park your truck in the summer months. Unless you have a permanent location like Salt or those based at the Last Exit. The owners of Gobai, Yumtingz and The Shebi found a solution by opening the Hangry Hanger in an unused warehouse in Al Quoz. It's a pop up work space that shows movies and has live music at the weekend. Well worth a visit. 

Introducing the popup Hangry Hanger

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Go there quick, as it will be gone soon

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So, where is it? Warehouse 4 in Al Quoz

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There is protection on the door

Good workspace to use during the week

Put your feet up

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They show movies at the weekend projected onto a large wall

Choose from Gobai...

The Shebi or Yumtingz

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