Seafood Lovers Assemble! We've Found A Great Little Spot For You

An unassuming gem serving up some of Dubai's tastiest fresh seafood

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We're still unsure whether this is more of a fish monger, a take away or a restaurant, what we do know is they serve up some really tasty fish.


The first thing you see here is a whole shelf full of various types of really fresh fish. You'll then take in the great smells... if you like seafood it's time to get excited.

The restaurant itself has a bit of an unauthentic nautical theme, with random fishing nets and the odd anchor placed around the small restaurant. There is however, nothing unauthentic about the great smell of fresh fish being cooked that greets you.

The waitress explained to me what fresh fishys of the day were on offer and I placed my order.

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The Food

Here, you choose the type of fish, lobster or prawns you want, choose how you would like it prepared (salt encrusted, butterfly cut, whole, or fillet of the bone) and whether you would like it steamed, fried of grilled together with one of their selection of marinades.

I went for a grilled, deboned sea bream, with lemon, garlic and butter. For a side I choose the raheb salad which is made up of grilled eggplants with peppers, garlic and herbs.

A large basket of fresh bread and olives arrived soon after I placed my order - a nice start to the meal. The side then arrived a little bit before the main, it sounded great on the menu but it had a much stronger taste than I expected and wasn’t amazing.

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The fish came next, the picture really doesn't do it any justice because it smelled and tasted ridiculously good! It had just the right amount of garlic and butter and was cooked to perfection.

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You might remember I asked for the sea bream to be deboned. The waitress probably misheard me but I was disappointed to find a few bones here and there.

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Prices and the boring stuff

In total for the salad, fresh fish cooked on the spot and a small bottle of mineral water came to a total of AED 63, a very reasonable price.

The restaurant is about two minutes walk from sharaf DG Metro station, look for the golden fork Chinese restaurant and go one block back. There should be plenty of on street parking available there you go, nothing stopping you, go and enjoy some fresh fish!


Good price, handy location and tasty fish. I'm interested to know if their takeaways taste as good. Anybody tried it? Let me know!

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Casey Fitzgerald

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