The Salt Food Truck Continues To Roam The Streets of Dubai And Food Trucks Now Officially Mean Business

Kite beach isn't just for swimming

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We visited Salt at Umm Suqeim last night and boy, were we impressed. The place was thriving with Dubai's diverse population. Salt has been around for a while but the growingly popular Kite Beach location along with quality grub makes this experience an absolute must before the end of the year. 

The location is perfect.

At this time of the year there's no better place to sit by the beach and grab a good bite to eat. Situated right on Kite Beach, this is the perfect place to enjoy a casual meal in a relaxed setting. They've done a really great job at making the order and collection process simple and quick. The tables and chairs are repurposed crates, with comfortable cushions on top - hipster alert! 

It's not the ambience we were there for though.

It was the burgers. Wagyu beef burgers, to be exact. We've heard the gushing reviews like the rest of you but had to taste it to believe it. We went for the 'Hook', a double portion - we meant business. We're talking Wagyu beef, melted cheese, some lettuce with spicy jalapeños. The beef is absolutely to die for. The single and double portions both come as two burgers but the double is just that bit bigger. If we had a gripe, it would be that it wasn't clear when ordering that one order equals two burgers. We were famished so had no complaints and now that we've told you, you can't say you ordered two burgers 'by mistake'!

Dinner for two

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Would you order an ice-cream after two burgers?

Yes. Yes you would. Two double burgers and a side of fries is quite the serving but we were there check out what it had to offer so felt we had to do it for you, our readers, really. 


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The food truck phenomenon in Dubai is now officially thing. We have Salt to thank for that.

Three years ago the idea of a food truck in Dubai wasn't a possibility. We've Salt to thank for ushering in a trend that continues to grow. We wrote about this last year and earlier this week Flip International, food and beverage management company, who just launched the Food Truck Co. with three trucks operating in the soft launch phase announced plans for five more next year.

Serving food out of a truck or van is neither unique or original, and all around the world you'll find a mobile unit that will serve you local fare. But Dubai will be Dubai and as usual takes the concept that bit further. Salt tells us: "We are not a food truck", they are a lifestyle brand and judging from the queues last night, it's incredibly successful. 

If you've got itchy feet and are eager to put your cooking hat on and build a business, Roundup is the company that helps budding food entrepreneurs take the steps necessary to get on the road. Or you could do what we do, and sit back on Kite Beach to simply enjoy! 

The nitty gritty.

Our bill for two burgers, two drinks and an ice cream came to about AED 150. 

Timing wise, we visited at about 8pm and there was a queue but it moved really fast and we were eating within 10 minutes. It's also open practically all day so you've no excuse.

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