This Modern Take On A Cowboy Saloon Brings A Touch Of Canadian Grit To The UAE's Food Scene

Yee Haw! The Wild West Has Landed In Dubai

Wes Lodge Venue 28 Hi Res

What’s the best thing to come out of Canada bar Ryan Renolds and Ice Hockey? 

Wel,l here at Lovin Dubai Towers we think it has to be Weslodge, a refreshingly different concept: providing restaurant quality food in a beautiful environment with a breathtaking view. It was simply the best meal I’ve had in 2016, bar none. The unique casual chic environment with actual Canadians, passionate about their craft serving you dinner, mixing your cocktails and throwing your steak on the grill. We absolutely LOVE Weslodge and think you will too. 

To be honest when someone said to me I would be going to eat at a ‘modern saloon’ I thought how naff will this be? 

But with glossy dark wood features, big game Antlers, taxidermy and enormous Lambourghini yellow doors this modern saloon entrances you from the moment you arrive in the sky on the 68th Floor of the second tower in the JW Marriott Marquis, Business Bay.

We were greeted by friendly front of house and walked to our table through the enormous but well shaped space. We went through the bar which already had people diving into Old Fashioned cocktails, chilled glasses of bubbles and Smoking Ponchos. 

The ‘libations’ or drinks menu takes some reading and if you want a great place to enjoy wonderful mixology with breaktaking views then the bar at Weslodge is a perfect venue to meet dates, friends or hang out with colleagues after work. The place was buzzing with lively tunes, the vibrations of lively banter and chit chat. We instantly felt at home as it had that unique ‘Gastro Pub’ vibe – utterly chic, where the cool IT crowd hangs out. 

We sat opposite the kitchen underneath a beautiful light made from Antlers. 

This table is the perfect spot for any foodie because the kitchen and the grill in particular are somewhat breathtaking. Apparently this is the biggest grill in the Middle East and as we sat there we watched the wonderful chefs throwing beautiful bits of steak, chicken and even whole cauliflowers (which is a must try by the way) on the grill and firing it with love and affection. It was quite mesmerizing and you should definitely check it out.

Weslodge's chefs use hardwood and charcoal to achieve a flavourful balance and maximum heat and that comes through in the food. 

So what about the food? Well it was sublime, hearty portions, too much that appealed to the senses and to choose from but after quite a lengthy decision process we settled on the foie gras parfait with , the Lobster Poutine which is a Canadian national dish reinvented for Dubai and the Beet and Burrata Salad. The Foie Gras was the stand out dish for us all and one that I had to persuade my better half to try. He instantly fell in love with the softest foie gras we’ve ever had and wanted to order more! 

Foie Gras Parfait - Utterly Delightful

Melt in the Mouth Gorgeousness

Then we hit the main courses which we washed down with a very reasonably priced Malbeck – I ordered Southern Fried Chicken, Triple Cooked Chips, we also had the Porterhouse Steak and Whole Lobster – as you can see we were rather peckish! And I strongly recommend that anyone visiting Weslodge goes there hungry because the food is hearty and there is so much to choose from.

What we loved about Weslodge is its Canadian authenticity, the staff are all encouraged to showcase their personalities to the customers and we we were served by  and We felt that everyone there was 100% committed to delivering exceptional to food and service. We can’t wait to go back! This time with my Stetson and Cowboy boots!

The Cost:

Cost wise, you could end up paying between AED 50 and AED 500 for a main course depending on what you opt for: Salad vs steak. For more detailed info visit their website...

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Ema Linekar