A Bit Of A Boring Buffet At Nosh

Grand if you're too lazy to venture outside the hotel...


Hoping for a trip down memory lane (or even just the Khao San Road)...

Last week we were invited to eat at Nosh Restaurant in the Movenpick Hotel, JLT. Nosh is an international fusion buffet and is the go to restaurant for guests staying in the hotel and anyone who works close by. They do a lot of Asian themed food from Thailand, Japan and India. I've spent a good bit of time in South East Asia so I was really looking forward to revisiting some of the foods I grew to love on my travels.

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There was definitely a good buzz in the restaurant when we got there. They seemed pretty full up. Our reservation was actually for 8pm and we were running a bit late. We gave them a quick call and there was no issue changing the time until 8.30pm.

Don't wear heels

...Or try and get a better seat. We were seated at the end of the buffet and were a bit removed from the food. There are a couple of steps too, not ideal when you're dressed up for dinner in a pair of heels, carrying a heavy plate trying to navigate a decent path. Especially not ideal if you're on the grape juice!

Also although the staff were nice and very attentive, if you're sitting back where we were I wouldn't be surprised if you got forgotten about.

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The boring Buffet Experience

The Buffet is pretty huge and there is a great variety of salads, breads, finger foods, noodles and curries; something for everyone.

I can't help but wonder though, if they did a little less food with a little more attention to preparing it, the buffet would be a good bit better. As it is, I think Nosh have stretched themselves too far.

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The Red Duck Curry for example, absolutely bang on except for the fact that the chunks of duck came fist-sized rendering it pretty difficult to get a bite in. It also meant that the duck itself was pretty dry and tasteless.

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Not on ice

The range of salads was extensive. When we got there a lot of the salads looked as if they'd been sitting out a while. The majority of them contained fish and although most were surrounded by ice, some of the dishes were not so I was dubious as to how fresh they actually were. I tasted them all though, and I did enjoy them but there was always that niggling worry in the back of my mind. Not a great worry to have!


The Noodle Cart

They have this pretty cool noodle stand where you can pick and choose what you want in your noodles. This stand has loads of potential but it missed the bar by a good shot. The noodles tasted good but I wasn't blown away. What I thought was strange though is that they had Pad Thai (a well known Thai noodle dish) pre-made and served in one of the hot stands. Pad Thai always tastes better when made fresh so I don't really know why it wasn't available from the Noodle Stand. As it was the Pad Thai was quite disappointing, soggy and sloppy - not a good combo.


They also had a strawberry, watermelon and chilli Gazpacho fusion that I probably would have been impressed with had I not tasted a much nicer Strawberry Gazpacho in Comptoir 102 the week before.

What we washed it down with

We washed everything down with their house red which was delicious. We also had a Singha with our noodles. I was hoping for a more extensive mix of Asian beers to be honest but Singha was the only one available and it's in no way the best of the Thai beers.


The desserts were okay. There was a nice rosewater and coconut cake which was nice but their ice cream was the only thing that stood out. Nosh may not have mastered the buffet scene but they do a very decent chocolate ice cream.


Over all the experience of Nosh was grand. Nothing special. If you're in the hotel and not bothered to venture too far then go ahead and dine there. If however you're staying in Dubai a few days and really want to taste what Dubai has to offer- this is not the place to do it.

The Buffet costs AED 205 which is pretty hefty considering the standard of the food. You can definitely do a lot better than that.

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