Just A Casual Iftar At A Wave Shaped Hotel… As You Do In Dubai

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In Dubai, nothing is done by halves. One does not simply go for Iftar. One marks Iftar with a host of buffets and deals and every kind of cuisine one could possibly imagine. And don’t even get us started on the Iftar cannons…

So in true Dubai style, we went to check out Iftar at what can only be classed as one of Dubai’s most classic venues. It sits right next to a 7* hotel (casj) and was inspired by a breaking wave (k den). The Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

As you can imagine, Iftar here is a fancy affair. Held in the Majlis al Safinah conference centre, the breaking of the fast feels like a special occasion and not just a dinner. 

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The interior is Arabic inspired - bold, lots of maroon and gold, red curtains and private booths around the main room. You really feel like you’re in the Middle East, with a touch of old skool glitz and glamour.

The Iftar buffet is truly extensive. There are Indian, Arabic and European inspired dishes and a BBQ station outside (with mini shawarma wraps!) We tried a little of everything and here are three reasons you should go:

1. The food, obvs. 

Every dish we tried was delicious. The selection was great and there was so much to choose from. There was a lot of variety, and different types of the same dish – TWO types of steak, just FYI. The salad was fresh and all the mains were gorgeous. Let us get back to the steak though. It was impressive. There were lots of little accompaniments like sauces and the different types of potatoes. It’s the little touches that really made this Iftar worth a visit.

We’re a bit weary with desserts at buffets but again, the selection was appealing and the items were delicious. The date pudding went down a treat and we made the mistake (as always) or drenching one too many marshmallow skewers in the chocolate fountain. (Would it really be worth having if you didn’t?)

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2. The ambience

The vibe was nice and chilled. It was easy to relax and unwind and enjoy great food, which is exactly what you want at the end of a fast. The live music was lovely and a nice touch, topping off the whole authentic vibe. 

3. Because it’s the JBH.

As a resident of Dubai, it’s really easy to forget that we have some of the world’s coolest buildings at our fingertips. We drive by them every day but somehow stop taking the time to appreciate them. The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is one of those stunning venues and you should check out the Iftar, even if just to say you did it. 

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And the price?

Iftar at Majlis Al Safinah is priced at AED 210 per person and takes place every evening from sunset until 8.45pm.

Suhour is served a la carte from 9pm – 3am. A minimum spend of AED 100 is required for Thursday and Friday. Live entertainment will also be offered during Suhour.

Written By

Aneesa Masood