If There's One Last Suhoor Worth Checking Out, It's This One

The Grand Hyatt knows how to do Ramadan

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As we approach the end of Ramadan, there are still a few Iftars and Suhoors you need to check out if you haven’t already. The Laylati Tent Suhoor at the Grand Hyatt is one of these. 

Here are four reasons why you should go:

1. The Vibe

Iftars are all about the food, but Suhoors are different. The focus is more on relaxing, leisure and making the most out of the rest of the evening. A good Suhoor venue is one where you walk in and feel the ambience and you certainly feel it in the Laylati Tent. 

Located in the garden, the first thing you'll experience on your way to the tent is a leisurely stroll down winding paths surrounded by greenery. It's almost like an oasis. There are lanterns to guide you and you soon come to the venue which is just stunning. 

It's almost fairytale-like with the sweeping curtains and dazzling chandeliers. The Grand Hyatt's Suhoor truly offers and escape from the busy city. It was a lovely place to sit and unwind. 

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2. The Food

Now we don't usually over-indulge at Suhoor seeing as Iftar is always a pretty big occasion (we like food) but the food selection was too tempting. There was a wide selection of Arabic cuisine  from cold and hot mezze to a mixed grills and every possible side you could want. 

It was delicious and prepared us for the next day of fasting! The fried fish was one of our favourites and the selection of starters was great. Fans of Arabic food should definitely pay a visit. 

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3. The Shisha

There's something different about Suhoor shisha. Not in the way it's made, just the fact that it's so late / early and it's just a nice addition to the whole experience. We got a glimpse into the Suhoor culture of winding down and reenergising, smoking a shisha with friends and of course, a load of card games. 

4. The Experience 

For those who are new in Dubai and haven't experienced Suhoor before, we recommend you check this one out. It'll give you an insight into societal traditions for such a special month. For those who are familiar, the Laylati Tent is still something special and highly recommended.

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What you need to know

Daily from 8:30 PM to 3:00 AM with last order on weekdays at 2:00 AM and weekends at 2:30 AM.

Cover charge AED35 per person on weekdays / 

AED50 per person on weekends

Shisha single flavour AED65 / Shisha mixed flavour AED75

Set menus are available upon request.

For reservations, please call 04 317 2222.

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Aneesa is a relative newbie in Dubai, having bounced around the Middle East and settling in our Emirate earlier this year. When not posting, liking and filtering food pictures, she’s most likely eating a burger or hunting the perfect butter chicken. She also likes cats. A lot.