This Marina Iftar Has The Best Sticky Toffee Pudding You'll Ever Taste In Your Life

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Iftar at The Address Dubai Marina

I'm still relatively fresh to the Iftar scene here in Dubai but the elegant and tasteful display in the Constellation Ballroom definitely impressed me and if you make it the one Iftar you do, you'll no doubt leave the celebration much more content and full bellied than when you first arrived. For AED 210, you really can't go wrong here.

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Not one for small talk, lets just dig right in to talking about the food

It's amazing, all of it. Well, I tried my best to taste everything they had to offer but unless you had a month of spare time, there's absolutely no way you could possibly taste everything. What I will say though, is that they have food for everyone, whether you're in the mood for local, Indian, Mexican, Chinese or Japanese there's more than just something there to tickle your fancy.

No beating around the bush, the Sticky Toffee Pudding is the best you'll ever taste in your life.

I know you're kind of supposed talk about the food in the order that you ate it, but scrap that. I've tasted almost every sticky toffee here in Dubai, and I'm calling it. This sticky toffee, sets the bar. The photo's really don't do it justice. I had mine with a generous dollop of Vanilla on the side. WOW.

For those of you who are a big fan of dessert, this Iftar is your heaven and thankfully they've kept the pre-prepared plastic cup dishes to a minimum and diluted them out with a delicious selection of local Arabic desserts as well some more global-key items: chocolate brownie, fruit (on a stick), ice cream with all the works (chocolate chips, berry compote, chocolate sauce and some nuts to sprinkle).

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The salads and dips

Ok, going back to the traditional order of talking about things....Always trying to get my 5-a-day in first, I started my culinary journey at the cold salad station. From Fattoush salad, beetroot salad and cabbage salad to goats cheese with spinach and pasta salad, they catered for every fancy and had an extensive selection of tasty dips and breads to mop it all up with. What really surprised me though, is that throughout the evening, this station stayed as clean and tidy looking as it did at the start of the night despite the number of people hovering over it (ever found that in some places it looks like the salad station has been attached by a hungry herd of horses?!).

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Sushi and Dumplings

Another favourite of mine, I can't walk past a sushi counter or a dumpling counter and not have a sample. You could choose from a selection of freshly made (you could taste how fresh they were!) Sake Salmon, Magura Tuna and Maki rolls at the sushi station and I also noticed they had some veggie-friendly sushi too. I topped it off with their seaweed and sesame salad which is top notch.

Dumplings wise, I tried out the Prawn Sui Mai, the Hao Gao and the Gyoza which were all succulently delicious, as they should be.

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Curries and the rest

From a big rake of lamb and chicken shawarma's to a myriad curries ( I only tasted the Palak Panner and the Lamb Rogan Josh which were both extremely friendly on the palate) there is EVERYTHING you could possibly want at this Iftar.

To sum it up.

Go there.

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