We Got Our "Prost!" On At Oktoberfest

You should too...head to the Grand Hyatt for a good knees up!


So everyone's been talking about Oktoberfest and we thought it was about time to head on down and celebrate Oktoberfest Deutsche style in The Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Oktoberfest is the worlds biggest beer and travelling festival and basically gives you an excuse to drink beer a litre at a time and dance on tables. What's not to love?


Gone all out

The Grand Hyatt have pulled out all the stops with Oktoberfest this year with a gigantic Bavarian-style tent out back. They've really managed to capture the Zeitgeist of Munich in the decor and it feels like you've been transported across the globe.

In true spirit, all the staff dressed appropriately in Lederhosen and Dirndls as did a lot of our fellow yodellers - some even bringing their customised dirndls from home.

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The first thing you notice when you walk into the tent

Beer. Epic amounts of beer - you can either go for a pint option or a litre option. Obviously we went for the litre option. Selection wise, they had various traditional German brews on offer - we opted for Franziskaner Hefe-weissen Bier, a deliciously sweet wheat beer which was brought to us by our leder-hosen wearing waiter.

If beer isn't your tipple, there's a good selection of soft drinks and white and red wines available too so don't fret.

20151007 204615

All the way from Munich

Die Kirchdorfer band can really take most of the credit for the lively atmosphere in the tent. By the end of the night they had people dancing on tables and yoedling to their hearts content.


The food extravaganza...

Inside the tent they had carts filled with salads, bread, cheese, fruit, desserts, and an ice cream station.

Outside was something else entirely - they had about six stations, each serving a selection of traditional German meats, not to mention fish smoking over a spit.

IMG-20151008-WA0005 3

We tried to taste as much as we could but there was so much it was a bit of a challenge. Word of advice - wear expandable pants.

We managed to fit in schnitzel, pork steak, beef steak, duck, chicken, freshly smoked fish and sauerkraut. Ultimately it was all about the pork crackling, the white sausage, the bread dumplings and the pickled red cabbage. Seriously it was the best crackling we've tasted in a while.


For dessert, we helped ourselves to an assortment of apfel strudel, chocolate eclairs, gummy sweets, fruit and ice cream with berry compote and chocolate sauce. WOW.

20151007 214943

Seriously, this was one of the best nights we've had in a while. We were coming from the Marina end of Dubai but it was definitely worth the trek downtown in a taxi.

Midweek you can avail of the a la carte menu or alternatively do the brunch buffet option on Saturday.

Bring a good group of friends with you to really get the most out of it.

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