7 Reasons To Check Out This Tasty Downtown Promotion Before It Expires

Italian Food With Passion

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We were invited to try a new promotion at 'Al Fresco', an award winning Italian Trattoria that delivers more than you would expect. Because I consider research a top priority and I am totally dedicated to the cause, I sampled every single dish in the promotion. You're welcome. We were truly impressed with the variety, immaculate presentation and most importantly, the taste. We became instant fans, here are just a few reasons why you should make it a priority to visit soon.

1. This promo is only running until September, so...andiamo!!

Al Fresco's 'Southern Italian Promotion' ends in September and it's not to be missed. This temporary menu is the perfect opportunity for Italian lovers to indulge in their personal favourites or for relative newbies to sample some accomplished regional dishes.  The promotion takes you for a culinary dance through the southern regions of this celebrated gastronomic country from Campania to Sicily, impressing all the way.

2. It's cute

Well, it is! The indoor dining area has an intimate and authentic look and feel to it. It's perfect for a romantic and relaxed meal with the other half or a night out with friends. As it's still just a tad warm outside at the moment we opted not to dine al fresco at Al Fresco even though there is the option for the cooler months. We loved the cozy interior though and felt right at home.

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3. The Fave Bean Bruschetta

Let's be honest, we came for the food so let me walk you through a few dishes we enjoyed the most. I could have eaten this and only this all night and have 'bean' very happy. Sorry. But honestly, this was the perfect appetizer, toasted rustic bread topped with fave beans and melted pecorino cheese from the Basilicata region; absolutely delicious.

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4. Gnocchi that melts in your mouth

'Gnocchi alla Sorrentina' - homemade gnocchi with fresh basil and mozzarella in an beautiful rich tomato sauce. Simple and splendid. It's the kind of dish that teases out those deeply satisfied 'food noises' you sometimes make when experiencing a seriously indulgent mouthful.

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5. Meatball perfection

This lamb meatball recipe from the Calabria region was up there with the best i've ever tried. Made with pine nuts and raisins the sauce was rich in depth and flavour, you could tell that a lot of time and passion went into that sauce. You'd have to be a vegetarian to skip this one.

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6. The sweet stuff

Again, as we are such troopers, we sampled all of the deserts as well. I would personally recommend the Cannoli, a traditional Sicilian fried pastry dish. Light and crispy pastry complimented with a soft creamy ricotta filling, a perfect end to our Italian eating spree.

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7. It won't break your bank

Chose a two course option for 130aed or 3 courses for just 150aed. The grape and hops are also reasonably priced and there are plenty of excellent varieties of grape to choose from. 

Overall I think Al Fresco has to be up there with the best Italian restaurants in Dubai. Still need convincing? Here are a few more pics from our tasting extravaganza to tempt you in.

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Piccola Parmigiana di Melanzane in Coccotte - Baby eggplant with Parmesan Cheese

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Orata all'acqua pazza - poached seabream fillet

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