The Three For One Offer From Freedom Pizza Offer Is Just Whats Needed To Get You To Pay Day

But There Is A Catch

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Last Thursday we saw the Deliveroo 1 AED Pizza offer that had Dubai going crazy. Fulfillment issues aside, it proved one thing, pizza is a popular as ever. Now, Freedom Pizza have a three for one offer, so instead of the common deal, buy one get one free, they are doing a buy one, get two free. One other important detail, is that you don't need to get all three at once, you can buy that and get one now, saving two for later. 

All you need to do is pay via Visa Checkout. The offer is only available online when registering for Visa Pay.

The offer...

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A selection of three you could go for, including one named after an advertising agency

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The offer is proving popular...

Even Dubai 92's Catboy hit them up after he came back from holidays

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